Do you struggle with some of these challenges?


Energy - Say goodbye to sluggish days. Recharge your energy and find the willpower to finish tasks and everyday chores.

Recovery -  Bounce back from stressful situations, energize after an exhausting day or support your healing process after an exercise injury.

Performance - Get the most out of your body. Reach new levels, conquer your goals, and continue to perform at your best.

Focus - Achieve your goals more easily by aligning your mind and body. Get laser - focused and work efficiently.

Sleep - Make sure your body and mind are prepared for the upcoming challenges with a good night’s sleep and enjoy better quality sleep with “deeper” sleep patterns.

Balance - Improve your vitality and revitalize your lifestyle by enhancing your balance, making daily life tasks easily attainable.





What are vital natural energies and why are they important?

Recent scientific investigations confirm the existence of a vital natural energy field around all living organisms. This energy, also known as subtle energy, composed of natural neuro-electrical frequencies, is produced or absorbed by the body to facilitate optimal health and function.


Consequently, a deficiency of vital natural energies can lead to a health crisis in the body. When we are suffering from the lack of these energies, we may experience performance problems (physical, mental, or emotional) and even slow recovery from injuries.


By producing magnetic, luminous, and electric pulses, the BioCharger NG acts as a “jump-start” of dysfunctional biological systems suffering energy blockages. Basically, it stimulates proper signal flow and system function by serving as an exogenous source of energetic fields.



How does the BioCharger NG work and is it suitable for groups?

The BioCharger NG requires no physical contact, and its operation is non-invasive. You simply place yourself in a relaxed position, sitting or standing, approximately 3-5 feet from the unit, and receive the emitted energy forms. You do not have to attach wires, pads, electrodes, or other devices. Electromagnetic waves, like radio waves, pass through everything within their broadcast range, approximately 10 to 15 feet. Most people find it comfortable and convenient to have 1-4 users per session, although larger groups up to 6 are also welcome. Keep in mind as the distance from the device increases, the field power decreases sharply.



How often should a person use the BioCharger NG?

We discovered that 15 minutes per session, several times a week, is generally more than sufficient to benefit the body and boost biological systems. We always recommend listening to your body and tailoring the session durations to your personal experience.



Is the BioCharger NG safe to use and what should I expect

Yes, absolutely! Most people feel very relaxed during a session. A small percentage of people may experience the detoxification effect, so we recommend you consume a healthy amount of water intake when utilizing the BioCharger regularly. If you are mostly healthy, you may not have any detoxification effects at all.


 Note: Because no controlled tests or studies have been run on these populations in conjunction with the BioCharger, the below items need to be followed and observed:


 Individuals with cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators and insulin pumps (that cannot be turned off or removed) MUST sit at least 6 feet away from your BioCharger.


For individuals that are known to have photosensitivity (I.E. Photo-convulsive Response, Epilepsy, Migraines caused by Photosensitivity), we recommend using the BioCharger without the plasma tubes installed, since the strobing nature potentially could cause an episode. An additional option is to wear a suitable eye mask (a sleeping mask that shuts out all light) during the session. As everyone is unique, we advise seeking advice on what triggers an episode and taking this into consideration prior to making the decision to use the BioCharger in this case.


 Women who are pregnant and individuals with metal plating in their heads or near brain tissue should NOT use the BioCharger.


 Children under the age of eighteen (18) years old MUST be supervised by a parent or guardian during a BioCharger NG session.


 Individuals with chemotherapy ports that are metal-based should NOT use the BioCharger within 6 feet radius from the unit. Outside of that range reduces the intensity enough to allow usage, even with a port installed.



Is the BioCharger NG a medical device?

No, it is a Health Optimization Platform that wirelessly projects pulsed electromagnetic energy through a predefined range of frequencies that can include radio, sound, and light.


What is the difference between the BioCharger NG and similar devices on the market?

The BioCharger is the first and, at the moment, only health optimization platform that combines four different natural energies into one platform. This state-of-art platform combines the work of Tesla, Rife, and Lakhovsky with cutting-edge software, hardware, cloud, and mobile technologies. It combines the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields, plasma gas technology, monochromatic light therapy, photon therapy, non-invasive (wireless) application, micro-current technology, and more. There are currently 19 US and international patents issued and the BioCharger trademark has been secured.






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